We help others enjoy the profits and perks of vacation rental investing through education, coaching, and consulting. 


To empower others to change the trajectory of their lives as vacation rental business owners, be it in the context of a retirement plan, their day to day income, or a business they want to grow - we want people to have the business tools and mindset for success.  


- A vacation rental is a business, not a side hustle or a hobby.
- Owners don't have to property manage, and Managers don't have to own.
- Learning a new industry and establishing a business is an iterative process; we don't learn it all at once.  


After achieving success with my own vacation rental portfolio - and serving hundreds of others in the industry on their own journey, I left my full time career as a healthcare exec to help others enjoy the profits and perks of vacation rental investing.

I started in vacation rentals because we wanted to move the needle on retirement; I had no idea what was to come - a passion for the industry, an opportunity to include my kids in our vacation rental business, and the ability to own properties in locations we love to travel as a family while they pay for themselves - and provide a profit, took us down a road we could never have envisioned.  Eventually, I leaned into my passion and left my career and started The CEO Host.

My goal is personalized support to get you to your goal as soon as possible, helping you understand the process and executing, to analyzing potential markets/properties for you or with you, or even to helping craft listings - I'm here to help.

I am a super host (Airbnb) and premier host (VRBO), who owns and manages my own portfolio - and manages for others. I am experienced with partnerships, private money lending, and have analyzed hundreds of deals. I have worked within the industry on a contract basis with one of the "gurus" in the industry helping others through his masterclass program, but found that some really wanted a more personalized approach and through this business offer that opportunity .

Having spent 27 years building a career and achieving much as a healthcare executive - and US Navy veteran,  I bring that perspective to all I do.  The CEO Host was born from a desire to help others approach their vacation rental investing as the business it is, and to be the expert team member helping you achieve success.

In other words, my goal is to help you Invest Like A Boss in Vacation Rentals. 

My Approach

A 27-year career in healthcare and enterprise leadership, along with an MBA, means I'm focused on methodical research and data-driven decisions.  As a US Navy Veteran, I'm mission based and team-focused.

Industry Standards.

My career in healthcare and enterprise leadership - along with my education, taught me the importance of staying plugged into the industry. I attend key conferences and stay on top of the news relevant to short-term rentals and short-term rental investing so I am advising clients on best practices - and managing/growing my own portfolio accordingly.

Data-based Decision Making

If the goal is cash on cash returns, ROI, or simply owning a second home that offsets its costs, I am a deep believer in ensuring Clients understand the data and how their goals fit within the benchmarks for investment - and lifestyle, investing.

Personalized Support.

Leverage my experience and passion for your own success. Be it help with your existing rental, learning how to evaluate potential investments, or being a resource you use to do the work and source potential investments, we will craft a plan that helps you achieve your goal.