Ready to CONFIDENTLY achieve your Short-term Rental Goal? 

1:1 Short term rental (STR) coaching designed to have you enjoying the profits and perks of STR investing - leveraging what you already know and how you learn to get you to STR success sooner.

Go from UNCERTAIN to short term rental SAVVY by leveraging the resources and expertise of The CEO Host focused fully on YOUR STR goal.

Welcome to The Concierge STR Coaching Program
The PREMIER Short-Term Rental Coaching Program for 1:1 Support

Coaching  fully focused on YOUR goals, with the resources, tools, and insights to help you enjoy the perks and profits of short-term rental investing confidently.

  • Full focus on your goals through 1:1 coaching
  • Shortcut your journey through leveraging Kate's deep knowledge and experience
  • Creatively confront challenges in getting to your goal - helped by insights from Kate's experience with partnerships, creative financing, private money and fix and flip experiences
  • Gain confidence through exposure to lessons learned from over 300 individuals coached by Kate in their short-term rental journey
  • Acquire the skills needed to get to your goal - and ensure you are comfortably in command of your business moving forward.
  • Move forward with certainty with Kate's data-driven approach and deep knowledge interpreting the data and its implications for your goals
  • Leverage the resources offered - referrals, tools, and "how to's" without any pressure to "complete a course" or show up to a group coaching session. 

Coaching To Your Goal

We meet you where you are in your journey, and get you to your goal based on YOU!  
-  Already own? Lets get you operational.
-Operational and struggling? Lets             automate or optimize.
-Getting started? We'll give you the           knowledge and resources for success

Support How You Need It

We scope out what you need help with and work on a plan to get you there, be it walking you through the process start to finish or building on knowledge you already have - we work for you.

- Structured Curriculum if you are just getting started
- Personalized Coaching sessions for your agenda

Full Curriculum for Success

The Knowledge Library is full of resources  for each phase of the STR journey
- Roadmap for steps to take
-Interview questions for realtors, property manager, lenders, etc
-Property analysis tools
-Key Performance Measures to track
-Logistical and Practical tips for organizing your STR business

Your Secret to Success

Short term rentals are businesses; and like any business - success is in the details.  A good Boss always brings in expert help when diving into new area. Let The CEO Host help you achieve your short-term rental goals through our personalized coaching!

The Short-Term Rental Roadmap

Drawing on my business training and career, I walk clients through the time-tested process of business planning first - from goals to planning out operations, then support clients through the action steps and finally - where many programs stop, we provide the tools and insights to support you in being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your business by understanding the performance metrics and reporting that should be reviewed regularly to ensure success. 

Phase 1 - Conceptualize

Phase I covers all aspect of the Business Plan, from personal goals for the business, to financing options, to your vision for how to run the business. We fill knowledge gaps, provide resources, and power through putting together a business plan.

Phase 2 - Actualize

Phase II covers getting your business up and running. We cover market and property analysis and selection, the buying process, design, set up, and establishing operations.

Phase 2 can be an intense time period, but working with a deeply experienced professional with resources and insights can help you streamline and execute on your vision in a systematic and thoughtful way, saving time, money, and energy.  

Phase 3 - Refine 

Like anything we do, our knowledge and understanding of our short-term rental business - and the industry, will shift and adjust overtime; its an iterative process. In Phase 3, we focus on understanding Key Performance Indicators and adjusting based on industry and business data and insights.

Running your business isn't a set it and forget it, so Phase 3 supports your goal to be the CEO you want to be (hands on,hands off, or somewhere in between) and we work to establish routines that ensure you maintain a solid grasp on the tiller  - and make refinements as needed based on information tracked and reported on.  

 "I wish I'd found you a year ago; I bought a course I didn't want in order to just have someone I could talk through my goals and thoughts - which didn't happen.  Having you to just coach me through a few sticking points was perfect."

Satisfied Client, January 2023

What's Included

  • One:One Coaching, leveraging Kate's deep knowledge of the industry and corporate background for your own success
  • Access to Kate through out the coaching engagement
  • Six months of support - however works best for you. 
  • Lifetime Access to The Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library includes
videos and resources related to the various STR business areas such as
Financing options 
Setting up your short-term rental Property 
How to do a market analyses
Interview Questions 
Tips for Organizing Your Business 
Performance Metrics to Track
Referrals to Experts (design, tax, lenders etc)
Exploring options to fill "slow seasons"  
Advice and tips to organize your business
Checklists and Supply Lists

 The CEO Host Knowledge Library is a growing, living resource the provides the basics as well as more advanced areas of your business - tax tips, resources for experts, etc.   This supplemental resource is intended to round - out your knowledge base and ease your journey to establishing and optimizing your STR business.  



The business reasons for short term rentals?   There are many - I personally enjoy at least 30% cash on cash returns across my portfolio (my newest hit 45% year one!) When I was working in my healthcare executive job we leveraged the Short-term Rental Loophole and went from a $50K tax bill to a $14K tax bill, our net worth has substantially increased in just 3 years AND our assets are paying for themselves while making a profit (cash in hand last year $52,347 on 2 properties - that will double this year - plus any additions to the portfolio we make).

Business reasons aside - we mix business and pleasuremy kids love visiting and staying at our properties.  Our oldest actually go married at one!  Its truly a fun and enjoyable investment vehicle. Our vacation budget even decreased because we use our properties instead of always paying for others, and its a business that I can include my kids in and model for them what it means to be an entreprenuer 

Jeannie and Bill

After losing tens of thousands on a short term rental investment gone wrong, Jeannie and Bill learned from their mistakes and sought the knowledge they needed. 

A couple years ago Jeannie and Bill sought out coaching services following a deal gone wrong. They sheepishly shared with me all the way's they'd allowed themselves to be steered wrong;
- Trusted their realtor to get them the right deal without verifying the numbers themselves
-Didn't understand or know how to check on regulatory requirements for renting out their home
-Got talked into buying a property that cost more than they wanted to spend
-Believed the property would be successful without checking the numbers themselves

I'm pleased to report Jeannie and Bill - after licking their wounds and learning their lessons, got they expert help they needed (me!) and together we analyzed potential properties while they shifted mindset to approach their investment as a business .  Jeannie and Bill - a lovely couple nearing retirement, have achieved their goal of a beautiful cash-flowing short term rental investment they enjoy a couple times a year - with their kids and grandkids.  

Kate Stoermer

Ex-corporate executive turned vacation rental maven, I leverage my CEO experience and MBA in organizational management to help others achieve success in short-term rental investing. In addition to my own lucrative portfolio, I help others - whether they are just getting started or bringing in expert help to optimize, I'm a vacation rental business coach covering everything from getting to started to leveling up with short-term rentals. 


Is this the right time to get into short-term rentals? There seem to be so many more!

No question that the number of short-term rentals has increased - doubled in some markets, following the sharp increase in demand in 2020/21.  While opportunities still exist in some markets, other markets may not be great investment locations due to saturation or regulations. That said, the right house in the right location will ALWAYS cash flow. We may have to work a little harder to find it - but opportunities exist. And like any real estate investment, if you are interested in doing improvements you'll have an even broader field to choose from.   Short term rental demand is predicted to remain steady, and likely supply will begin to drop off due to people who bought without going through a full analysis. Savvy investors absolutely can get into the market now and still reap all the benefits of being a short-term rental investor. 

Being an investor means passive income.  While short-term rental investing is not a passive business, like any business - you can set it up for success by outsourcing day to day operations, setting up a team, or doing it yourself.  Whatever your goal, The CEO Host helps you explore your options and decide what works best for your goals - and how to achieve it.

Everyone starts with different resources.  Does it cost money to get involved? Of course - acquiring a property, setting it up; these things cost money. Within The CEO Host we can discuss - and have experience with, alternatives to cash like leveraging equity you already have, loan programs with lower down payment requirements, finding rentals that are fully furnished,  partnering with others, and even using hard money.  Whatever your goals, we can work together to outline a plan to get you to it.  

Within the coaching program, I do not help source potential deals; everyone has different goals and goal posts.  Sometimes I may have a deal I share with clients and I occasionally take on clients who contract with me specifically for this - feel free to hop on my calendar if this is of interest.  The coaching program helps you learn how to source deals and we review the first couple together, and then I provide email feedback after you have the basics down. 

If you appreciate that leveraging other peoples experience and energy for your own success, then I look forward to working with you.  There are almost no programs offering 1:1 coaching.  You can leverage my experience coaching over 300 people to date, thousands of hours of training, attendance at industry conferences - all for your benefit - cutting down the time it takes you and minimizing the likelihood of costly mistakes. I don't do group coaching, I don't offer a "master class" where you have to do it all yourself - the Knowledge Library has all the resources you might need and none of the pressure of "completing the course".  Working with The CEO Host means you get high quality consulting and coaching to your goals on your timeline, meeting you where you are at in your journey and gets you to your goal. 

 You can pay $10K, $15k, even $25K for a "mastermind" with others in the industry seeking to get started - rearranging your schedule to make those weekly group coaching sessions, navigating expectations to complete course work (that inevitably never quite gets done) -  and get little to no actual attention to your specific situation or goals. For some, you may prefer this experience and it will be well worth your time and investment.  I encourage you to carefully evaluate any program you consider!

 OR leverage my time and experience, gain access to the Knowledge Library and full focus on your goals for under $5K for a six-month engagement that leaves you confident, informed, and succeeding in your STR goals.. Sign up today before prices go up! I can only take on a limited number of clients, so take advantage now. I've already increased prices; I guarantee they will double in the next year in order to manage my calendar! 

As a professional in the STR industry, my experience stems beyond just getting started - I own multiple STR and manage others, work with private money (lending and borrowing), rehab, and leveraging tax benefits.  I have some experience w small resorts as well.   If you would like help to level up your business, Lets Talk and see if I'm a good fit for your goals. Generally, I'm a good fit for smaller owner-operators and investors who have/seek a small portfolio, looking for a boutique resort or just wanting to figure out how to own that dream second home that offsets its costs.  My goals are to own a smallish lifestyle-focused portfolio that funds our life; we are not looking to be big hitters but I'm happy to recommend folks who might be able to help you if you are looking for more.