The Short-Term Rental Investing Roadmap

A Short-term Rental Business Planning Workbook

 "This was precisely what I needed to understand what I knew - and didn't know. The questions to ask the experts - realtor, property manager, lenders, etc, so helpful and the hints, tips and easy to follow format were terrific." 

Ginny P., Jan. 2023

What's Inside?

This PDF workbook walks you through questions and provides key information about your short-term rental business, including

-   Types of financing for short-term rentals

-   Questions for interviewing potential management

-  Items to consider when conducting market research

...... and so much more!  


Your Short-Term Rental Roadmap 

The Short-term Rental Road Map follows the traditional business plan template -  updated specific to short-term rentals, packed with information and tips to envision your business and steps to take to actualize that vision.  The journey from business concept to profit occurs in the three phases, and our workbook walks you through phase 1, and gives you strategies and tools for phases 2 and 3. 

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Why The CEO Host?

A short-term rental investment isn't just an investment - its a business.  It has all the aspects of running a business - front end operations, back end business processes, and everything in between.  

At The CEO Host, we believe in a holistic approach to helping you envision and create the short-term rental business you aspire to .This isn't one-size fits all; its business coaching for your vacation rental dreams.

Whatever drives you - be it to offset the costs of owning a second home, enough cash flow to change careers,  or just a solid investment  to enjoy a couple times a year with family; your specific goal is as unique as you are.

Whatever drives your desire - The CEO Host is here to help you succeed with your short-term rental business, following a time tested and successful approach to establishing and running a successful small business. 

Kate Stoermer

Ex-corporate executive turned vacation rental maven, I leverage my CEO experience and MBA in organizational management to help others achieve success in short-term rental investing. In addition to my own lucrative portfolio, I help others - whether they are just getting started or bringing in expert help to optimize, I'm a vacation rental business coach covering everything from getting to started to leveling up with short-term rentals.