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There are many great resources; these are the ones I use. Keep in mind, you don't NEED a tech stack. Pick a platform and get started. The rest will follow. This has been years in the making.  

(Please note, some of these are affiliate links - wherein I get a small amount of compensation if you use my link. For some, you'll get a couple bucks off too!)  These are the tools I personally use to manage my portfolio/in my STR business.  

Channel Manager; Guesty for Hosts
Syncs calendars, provides automations, reporting, direct booking. 

Dynamic Pricing:  PriceLabs
(Helps manage pricing,reporting)

Market Research:  AirDNA
                                Data Rabbu
Booking Platforms:      Airbnb
                                      Furnished Finders

 Direct-booking Sales Pages:  Leadpages

Payment Processor:  Stripe

Interior Design: 
Paige Hayes
or Paige's Course - STR Design for Hosts

Digital Guestbook: Touchstay
Put everything your guests need and want to know in digital form - email it, text it, and you might even print it off

Damage Insurance: Waivo
Skip the hassle of trying to get the booking platform to cover guest damage - cover ALL your bookings

STR Mentors "from afar" - Books, Social Media Accounts, People in the Industry I follow - Grab 'um HERE

A Practical "Getting Started" Digital Workbook + BONUS Property Analysis Excel Calculator

THE CEO HOST has your resource for getting started on your short-term rental investing journey! 30 pages of questions, checklist, hints, and tips for getting started with your short-term rental business! Based in time-tested business practices - we use a business planning approach to systematically walk you through all the elements of a successful short-term rental business. BONUS - get my excel property analyzer calculator! DOWNLOAD YOURS TODAY for 5 dollars!

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