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The "gurus" all tell us how easy it is to succeed in short-term rental investing, but the reality is a short-term rental is a business. My goal at The CEO Host is to provide you the tools to succeed in your business - be it the CEO with a lighthand on the tiller just needing enough knowledge to steer the ship, or the Boss who is rolling up their sleeves to self manage, we cover all the aspects so you can enjoy the Perks and Profits of your short-term rental business, confidently.

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Is It Time to Get More Focused? 

Are you ready to take your STR Biz to the next level? Are you ready to elevate your results, get more efficient with your time, and get inspired by other STR pro's?  Then check out my newest program, STR Boss Bootcamp - a 90-day goal sprint to help get you more clarity and elevate your results; in 90 days. 

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Just Getting Started?
THE CEO HOST has your resource for getting started on your short-term rental investing journey!  30+ pages of questions, checklist, hints, and tips for getting started with your short-term rental business! Based in time-tested business practices - we use a business planning approach to systematically walk you through all the elements of a successful short-term rental business. 

Get Expert Help

Every good CEO (Chief Executive Officer) knows when to bring in others; leveraging others expertise to increase your own knowledge, saving time, and lending confidence to decisions are key reasons to add an expert to your team; The CEO Host offers support for those  just getting started, looking to acquire, or needing some help with self-managing, optimization, or growing.  Reach out if you don't see what you need!

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Custom package or lean into my 6 month program with access to a full library of resources; whether you are just getting started or looking for help self-managing.
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elevate results

income potential is highly variable in short-term rentals; understanding your properities potential and how to excel in your market sometimes requires outside objectivity or just a more experienced view. From a DIY course to getting an expert review, I've got you covered HERE

verify your deal

Market and property potential are not straightforward; outsource to a Professional to understand the potential for a property or market and move forward with confidence.  Learn More HERE

Just Getting started?
Don't miss my Resources, including my "Mentors from Afar" - people, social forums, books and podcasts I've leveraged that might help you!

And don't forgot to grab my STR RoadMap + Deal Analyzer for just $5 and have a Roadmap to follow to achieve your goal - grab it HERE

Got a Deal in the works?  Let's roll up our sleeves and walk through your prospective deal, together!

Leverage my expertise - and learn at the same time. I'll research and analyze your property - you'll get a report with data, analysis and recommendations. Then we'll spend 45 minutes together going over the report, findings, and all your questions.  This is 1:1 help to ensure your numbers are solid and understanding of what it takes to hit top revenue is strong.  

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